Admin Assistant

Job Description & Requirements

The Role:

  • Conduct outreaching sessions for inmates, ex-offenders, families and children in Prisons and Community for programme management
  • To communicate to beneficiaries on the details and criteria of the programmes offered by YRF
  • Yellow Ribbon STAR Bursary Programme
  • Manage and updates up to 100 records of students who are in the programme
  • Track progress of the students (conduct, payment, attendances and submission of their result slips) on the monthly basis
  • Process invoices from education institutions, payment vouchers if any for students under the programme
  • Facilitate and check for living allowances for students on the monthly basis
  • Manages and updates up to 200 records of families and children who are in the programme
  • Process invoices submitted from service providers of the programme on the monthly basis
  • Track progress of families and children (in terms of their progress in the programme, attendances and payment and submission of their result slips) on the monthly basis
  • Support in organising or coordinate events and activities with YRF’s Corporates, partners or individuals such as Partners’ charity lunch, events or initiatives
  • Follow up with ad-hoc potential leads or individuals/Corporates who are keen to donate or support YRF
  • Assist Authority to organise or develop fundraising events and initiatives for YRF. May organise up to 5 fundraising activities/initiatives per quarter in a year.

The Candidate:

  • Diploma Holder
  • Min 1 year relevant working experience
  • Proficient in Micorsoft office
  • Able to work in a team and independently
  • Able to start work within short notice
  • Preference for candidates who live at east area

Salary Range

$2,000 – $2,100

Min Year Of Experience



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